Sewing Buddies Rewards Points

Sewing Buddies Rewards Points

Registered and logged in customers earn Reward Points when they purchase items from our online store. You are able redeem your points at the checkout when you place future orders. Reward Points are another small way we say "thank you" to regular customers.

Do I have to register to collect points?

Yes, you must register to collect points, you are able to register here.  You also need to log into your account to add points with each purchase and to redeem points at checkout.

How Many Reward Points Do I Earn ?

Regular purchases earn 1 point for every dollar spent including GST.  Points are not accumulated on Shipping Costs. We may add extra Reward Points on certain items during promotions.

When are my Points Available ?

Your points are automatically added to your account when you complete checkout, and will be available next time you purchase anything from Sewing Buddies Australia.  You may choose to redeem your points or you may choose to accumulate them to use later.  You may use all of your points, or as few as you would like, those not used will remain in place, and you can use them at any time.

Terms and Conditions Of Use

  • Customers must register to be able to accrue and redeem points
  • Point have zero dollar value and cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash
  • Points are for online orders only
  • Points can only be redeemed or accrued online at Sewing Buddies Australia, and users must be registered and logged in for either redeeming or accruing
  • Points cannot be redeemed against shipping or taxes
  • Points are not transferrable, and we reserve the right to change the Rewards Point System at any time

How Do I Redeem my Reward Points ?

Reward Points are redeemable from within the Shopping Cart or at checkout