Robison-Anton Threads

Robison-Anton Embroidery Threads

This popular rayon embroidery thread from Robison-Anton has a bright and high-luster sheen that runs smoothly and easily through your machine. It is ideal for all of your home embroidery machines and decorative stitching needs. Made in the USA

Mini-King Spools are available in solid colours of 1100 yards (1000 Metres), 120 Denier 2 Ply Rayon, Size 40.
King Size spools have 5000 yards (5000 Metres), 120 Denier 2 Ply Rayon, Size 40
Twisted tweed and variegated colours come in 630 and 640 metre spools
Metallic Threads have 1000 Yds, 260 Denier Metallic, approximate Size: 40 wgt, These are the highest grade of metallic thread available and are designed for embroidery, embellishment and all other decorative applications. these run exceptionally well with all embroidery threads on all embroidery machine.

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