Dark Be Gone

Dark Be Gone LED Sewing Machine Lights by Sew Brighter Australia

Sew Brigher, Sew Easier

Now In 2 Styles :  Throat Mounted (Transferable) and Wrap Mounted (Non Transferable)  Which one suits your style of sewing

  • Pure White Vertical Light 5000 to 6700 on the Kelvin Colour Temperature Card
  • Can be easily moved from Sewing Machine to Sewing Machine
  • 50,000 Hour Globe Life
  • Australian Approved Power
  • Dimmer Switch Now Included
  • Wafer thin 3 mm thickness
  • Latest LED technology 5630 Chip by Epistar
  • LED Cover Silicon Glue
  • 5 Sizes available to suit all Sewing Machines
  • Extra sizes made to order if required
  • 3 Year FULL guarantee on all Components Including the Dark Be Gone LED Sewing Machine Lights strip

The Colour Chart below actually depicts the colours emitted from LED Chips, Pure White Or Daylight is emitted when your colour temperature is between 5000 and 6700 K, any other temperature range will give off a colour making it much harder to differentiate between fabrics, especially when working with white on white or black on black.

Kelvin Temperature Guide to Lighting

3 Year Written Warranty with all Dark Be Gone LED Sewing Machine Light Products purchased from Sewing Buddies Australia

This is the LED Sewing Machine Light gives amazing light


Less than 1.3 watts of power compared to a 100 watt light bulb. That’s 98% power savings.

50,000 hours of life on the light. (If you used your machine, 8 hours per day 365 days a year, your light would operate for 17.5 years on average)

*It is recommended that you do not run LED Light Strips for more than 16 hours per day


Dark Be Gone LED Sewing Machine Lights brand have been made with quilters and sewers in mind.

Dark Be Gone LED Sewing Machine Lights are the best quality LED light available.

You get true white vertical LED light, Illuminating your entire work area and needle.

Perfect for: Quilters and Sewers, whether you are a professional or love your Hobby, These exceptional LED Sewing Machine Lights means you can Sew after Dark and Black on Black with confidence

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Dark Be Gone Kit Wrap
Dark Be Gone Strip 21
50 item(s)
Dark Be Gone Strip Only Sizes:
3 Led's 2 1/4" (5.7cms)6 Led's 4 1/4" (11 cms) 9 Led's 6" (15 cms)12 Led's 8" (20 cms)15 Led's 10" (25 cms)18 Led's 11.5" (29.5 cms)21 Led's 13.5" (34.5 cms)
Free shipping
Dark be gone Under Throat 15
19 item(s)
Dark Be Gone Under Throat Kit:
03 Under Throat Kit 2-1/4" (5.7cm)06 Under Throat Kit 4-1/4" (11cm)09 Under Throat Kit 6-1/2" (15.5cm)12 Under Throat Kit 8-1/4" (21cm)15 Under Throat Kit 10-1/4" (26cm)
Free shipping
Dark be gone UT Strip 15
19 item(s)
Dark Be Gone Under Throat Strip Only:
03 Under Throat Strip Only 2-1/4" (5.7cm)06 Under Throat Strip Only 4-1/4" (11cm)09 Under Throat Strip Only 6-1/4" (15.5cm)12 Under Throat Strip Only 8-1/4" (21cm)15 Under Throat Strip Only 10-1/4" (26cm)