Interfacing & Stabilisers


Interfacing & Stabilisers

Stabiliser vs Interfacing 

The biggest difference between stabiliser and interfacing is that stabiliser provides more structure and is usually removed after sewing, whereas interfacing becomes part of the project. When deciding between interfacing and stabiliser, you must consider:

  • Stabilisers are commonly used for tote bags and crafts
  • Interfacing is often used to provide more body in apparel projects 
  • Interfacing is meant to be permanently added to the fabric 
  • The stabiliser is meant to be removed after stitching 
  • Both interfacing and stabiliser is available as a sew-in or fusible option 

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Print Fuse (Inkjet) Fabric Stabiliser 5 x A4 Sheets Matilda’s Own Print fuse pack contains a set of 5 x A4 sheets. Print fuse is a pressure sensitive fusible stabiliser. It can be repositioned many times, however once heat is applied, it is permanently bonded to almost any fabric. Complete Instructions Included