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One of my biggest regrets is that I have not kept a detailed patchwork, quilting or sewing diary of every quilt or major sewing project I have done over my lifetime.  Not only do you get to look back and remember who you made the quilt or sewing project for, and how patterns, materials and textures and trends have changed over the years, but it gives valuable details about how you actually did it, and how you have grown in techniques over the years.
Personalise Quilts and Sewing Projects with your favourite photos, patterns and images
Many of us think a Mini Craft Iron, is simply another toy to have in the craft or sewing room, in many cases, this is not true, they offer much  more than just being a “Mini  Iron”.  For those with arthritis, or hand issues, travel or attend craft and sewing classes or retreats they are a much used and appreciated part of our sewers and quilters “Tool Box”
Sometimes we come across something that is intuitive and just works, no hassles, no extra equipment required, no huge learning curve, it simply does what it is supposed to do.
Deteriorating Eyesight and Sewing is something faced by many of us My personal little motto: Deteriorating Eyesight has nothing to do with age, it...