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Strip Club Patterns

We've designed a bunch of patterns to use bundles of 2½" fabric strips. It all started as part of a monthly Cozy Quilt Shop program appropriately called "Strip Club." Each month we pick a different fabric theme and cut strips into bundles. Then we release a new pattern to use those strips.

The patterns have been so popular that we continue to sell them long after the bundles we designed them for are gone. Some of our quilters use fabric from their own stash, some use completely different colors, and others change our layouts to create completely different looks. And boy do we see some great quilts!

Here are some things you might want to know when buying a Strip Club pattern: The fabric requirements on each pattern will tell you how many strips and how much background or accent fabric you need for the different sizes. If you are using your own fabric, cut your strips selvedge to selvedge (or width of fabric.) Below is a cutting guide if you are buying fabric off the bolt and cutting your own strips.

Yardage # of strips
1/8 yields 1
1/8 yields 1
1/4 yields 3
1/3 yields 4
3/8 yields 4
1/2 yields 6
5/8 yields 8
2/3 yields 9
3/4 yields 10
7/8 yields 12
1 yard yields 13

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