Free Motion Quilting Tips and Hints

With so much talk about “free motion quilting” many of us that have not tried it, or fairly new to it are feeling a little over-whelmed.

We look at the work that is always show cased, sit down at the machine to try, and guess what, in many cases we look at our result, the results of someone else and what they can achieve and immediately get deflated.

Free motion quilting does take practice to get really good, it also does not have to be free hand, because we cannot draw pretty pictures freehand, or cannot finish a feather in perfect formation, does not mean we cannot free motion quilt.  The more we practice, the better we do get, but all of us need somewhere realistic to start, and hopefully this series of articles will help make sense with some of the terminology that is thrown about, and realistic goals for the beginner. We want give everyone a reason to get started.

We are not going to pretend you can sit down and head straight for an intricate feather, but you can certainly have loads and loads of fun on the road to achieving that perfect feather.

In this next series of Posts we will be covering lots of Free Motion Quilting Tips and Hints

  • Free Motion Quilting Feet and the differences
  • Free Motion Quilting Aids
  • Different styles of Free Motion Quilting  (Beginner to advanced)
  • Beginner Tips for Free Motion Quilting
  • Sewing Machine Needles and Threads for Free Motion Quilting
  • Terminology and what it all means for Free Motion Quilting
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