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Sewing Aids features products and ideas that can help sewers and quilters with eyesight and dexterity issues

Free Motion Quilting Tips and Hints

Free Motion Quilting Tips and Hints With so much talk about "free motion quilting" many of us that have not tried it, or fairly new to it are feeling a little over-whelmed. We look at the work that is always show cased, sit down at the machine to try, and guess what, in many cases [...]

Deteriorating Eyesight and Sewing

Deteriorating Eyesight and Sewing is something faced by many of us My personal little motto: Deteriorating Eyesight has nothing to do with age, it has to do with knowledge, laughter and tears, the more we live life, the more we become aware of who we are, and where our niche in life is, life itself [...]

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Mini Craft Irons Not Just For Crafts

Mini Craft Irons Not Just For Crafts Many of us think a Mini Craft Iron, is simply another toy to have in the craft or sewing room, in many cases, this is not true, they offer much  more than just being a "Mini  Iron".  For those with arthritis, or hand issues, travel or attend [...]

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Quilting and Patchwork Templates

What are Quilting and Patchwork Templates Quilting and Patchwork Templates provide an accurate way of cutting your designer quilt blocks or your applique pieces.  They make sure that each piece cut is exactly the same size and will fit together perfectly when sewn. Quilting and Patchwork templates can be made out of *paper, *cardboard, acrylic, plastic [...]

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