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Free Motion Quilting Tips and Hints

Free Motion Quilting Tips and Hints With so much talk about "free motion quilting" many of us that have not tried it, or fairly new to it are feeling a little over-whelmed. We look at the work that is always show cased, sit down at the machine to try, and guess what, in many cases [...]

How To Use Inkjet Printable Fabrics

How To Use Inkjet Printable Fabrics Personalise Quilts and Sewing Projects with your favourite photos, patterns and images Interesting Tip: Did you know that if you are short a smallish piece of fabric, and you are using cotton or similar, you can actually scan your fabric, then, print it onto your Inkjet Printable Fabric.  This [...]

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Reading Patterns

Reading Patterns Quilting and Sewing Tip: Before you do anything, Reading Patterns and Instructions for either our Quilting or Sewing projects can go a long way to making  sure you understand them. If you have any doubts, clear them before purchasing fabric or beginning to cut. Google is a great resource for terminology and techniques, and [...]