Mini Craft Irons Not Just For Crafts

Many of us think a Mini Craft Iron, is simply another toy to have in the craft or sewing room, in many cases, this is not true, they offer much  more than just being a “Mini  Iron”.  For those with arthritis, or hand issues, travel or attend craft and sewing classes or retreats they are a much used and appreciated part of our sewers and quilters “Tool Box”



Mini Craft Iron Not Just For Crafts

Mini Steam Iron not Just for Crafts Iron Rest

  • Light weight
  • Good Quality Mini Craft Irons are a Fully functioning steam or dry iron
  • Glide beautifully with one hand
  • Good ones are ergonomic in design, making them great for people with arthritis or those of us who have dexterity problems
  • Brilliant when ironing those small seams when sewing or quilting, especially great for curved seams including those dreaded sleeve seams, patchwork and quilting piecing and applique
  • Full heat settings of your regular full sized iron
  • Great for travelling, quilting and sewing classes
  • Sit beautifully on a small area of your ironing board or any ironing surface you have handy
  • Work extremely well with a small heat proof silicon mat, so surfaces are not damaged by the heat of the iron and you do not have to stand your mini craft iron “upright” while hot, making it a lot safer

Many of my customers have problems with their hands, and find a full sized iron, extremely difficult to maneuver and often have to try and use both hands on the iron handle, and a result they use their mini craft iron for all their ironing needs.  Yes it is a little slower than using a larger normal sized iron, but if your hands and wrists are not aching afterwards, it is well worth it.

A Mini Craft Iron, let you get into all those little tiny seams, without applying heat or pressure to areas you do not need to want it, and a well designed Mini Craft iron has an excellent point for either opening your seams, or pressing the seams to one side as required by the project your working on.

They can be tucked away anywhere when you are travelling or attending sewing or quilting classes or retreats.

We all have a tendency to look at anything small as being a “toy” rather than being the “real thing”. In the case of a Mini Craft Iron, nothing is further from truth.  These little beauties, are full featured but in a miniature size, for all the right reasons.

Sewing Buddies Australia stock both the Fabricare Mini Steam Iron, the Birch Mini Steam Iron plus the Sunbeam Mini Steam Iron Please visit the Iron Section in our Store for more details