How To Use Inkjet Printable Fabrics

How To Use Inkjet Printable FabricHow To Use Inkjet Printable Fabric

Personalise Quilts and Sewing Projects with your favourite photos, patterns and images

Interesting Tip: Did you know that if you are short a smallish piece of fabric, and you are using cotton or similar, you can actually scan your fabric, then, print it onto your Inkjet Printable Fabric.  This has actually got me out of a bind a couple of times when I have been quilting, and just did not have quite enough fabric to finish.

  • Used exactly the same way as fabric, except you print the pattern or photograph prior to using
  • It can be used actually sewn into the item, i.e. a photograph quilt or fancy center images in blocks
  • It can also be used as an appliqued piece of fabric

Step By Step Instructions – How To use Inkjet Printable Fabrics

  1. Prepare the print image to the correct size on your PC
  2. Set the Print quality to “Best” (This is really important, the higher the quality print, to more ink that is transferred to the fabric).
  3. Ensure printer the paper size is the same size as the piece of printable fabric you are using  In Australia that would usually be A6, A4 or A3
  4. Place one sheet of Printable Fabric in the printer and commence printing
  5. DO NOT touch the printed surface until it has dried. This typically takes approximately 15 – 20 minutes, depending on the ambient temperature.
  6. Peel off the backing when dry.
  7. If better colour fastness is required,prepare 2-3 litres of water (at around 35 ° C ) and immerse fabric for 10 minutes before gently rinsing.  This process takes off excess ink. or follow the instructions below for turning your normal Inkjet Printer Ink into “Waterproof”
  8. Lay flat to dry
  9. If you require more than one print, and your paper is large enough, print them all at the same time, just make sure you leave enough room around the edges of each photograph to cutting and sewing.  i.e. leave enough edge room double what you actually require, because you will  need the seam allowance on each separate photograph or print.

Turn your Normal Inkjet printer Ink Into “Waterproof” Ink:

Many of you may not have water proof ink in your printer  – if you don’t here’s a tip that I learned from Dolls and Daydreams: After you print the fabric, take it off the backing and soak it in a vinegar bath. The vinegar will set the ink making it waterproof! Let it soak in plain white vinegar for 10 minutes and then let it dry. The vinegar smell should dissipate as it dries – but if the smell still lingers then spray it with Febreeze to take away the rest of the smell.

Tips and Techniques for Printable Fabrics

  • It is best to load one sheet of the Printable Fabric into your printer at a time
  • If the pick up rollers are slipping, line the leading edge of the fabric with masking tape to help the printer grip the fabric and pull it through
  • Always verify that the leading edge of the fabric is securely bonded to the backing paper before inserting it into the printer. If the fabric has separated from the backing, it could jam inside the printer
  • Humidity will have an effect on the fabric as well as on your printer.  If the environment is too humid the fabric can curl and will not run through the printer smoothly. Printers are more likely to jam in humidity. It is best to reduce the amount of humidity around both.
  • Print on the Fabric side of the Inkjet sheets.  The fabric side appears rougher in texture while the the shiny, non printable side is smooth
  • Before printing check that the correct paper type is selected in the print menu. Choose a paper setting that will accommodate thicker paper.  (The higher the GSM weight the thicker the paper is)

The Important Do and Do-Nots – In How to Use Inkjet Printable Fabrics

  • Inkjet Printable Fabric is for use in an Inkjet Printer ONLY. DO NOT use with Laser Printers or Colour Copying Machines
  • If there is a curl in the Fabric Sheet, Lay Flat protect with something, i.e. a sheet and make sure there are not creases, and weight with something flat and heavy until the Printable Fabric is ready to use
  • Ensure there are no loose threads on the fabric edge, if there are any loose threads, cut with scissors, do not pull
  • Recommended for projects not requiring frequent laundry
  • Wash gently by hand or machine, DO NOT use bleach
  • Printable Fabric is NOT a transfer, you do not need to reverse or (mirror images) numbers etc, what you see in your image is exactly what you will see on the fabric

Sewing Buddies Australia sells and recommends Matilda’s Own Inkjet Printable Fabric, but any good quality Printable Fabric, will give you great results if you follow the directions that are included with the fabric purchased.

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