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Sewing Extension Tables

Sew AdjusTables ® Sewing Extension Tables

“SewAdjusTables ®”

Are The Most Versatile

Sewing Extension Table – Available!!

Designed and Manufactured in Oregon, USA – Nothing else is available in the world that matches these sewing extension tables for quality, versatility, engineering and design. The Sew AdjusTables ® are not just a work of art, they actually work extremely well, and not with just one portable sewing machine, but with all the portable sewing machines that you own now, and will own in the future including your Overlockers / Sergers.

Simple to adjust NO tools required!!

6 sizes to choose from including one for your existing sewing machine cabinet/table and the latest addition made to fit your Feather Weight

Babylock, Bernina, Brother, Elna, Singer, Janome, Viking, Husqvarna, Pfaff, Toyota and many more

We have rarely found a domestic sewing machine, Overlocker or Embroidery Unit brand, make or model our Sew AdjusTables ® Sewing Extension Table will not fit.

We have listed the sewing machines by brand and model that we know our Sew AdjusTables ® are being used on, this is by no means a full list, under most circumstances we never know what machines our Sew AdjusTables ® are purchased for, but to see if your machine is listed please visit our "Will it fit my machine" pages

The first of its kind, the Sew AdjusTables ®, portable sewing extension table. The Perfect Portable Sewing Extension Table for use at Home, Retreats and Traveling

Offers the perfect combination of form and function. Unlike the sewing extension tables that only fit one machine, the Sew AdjusTables ® will fit your other sewing machines, free arm or wide bed, as well as your new machine if you upgrade.

Something to consider….there are two ways to fit our extension tables to your sewing machine, either by fitting it to the freearm only, or fit to the sewing bed while the accessory case is attached. In most cases a table may fit either way. Because of rounded corners and edges on some machines the table may fit better one way than the other.
Because of our steady record of satisfied customers we can continue to offer this guarantee with confidence… “If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason we offer a full money-back guarantee when you return it to us.” (*See Shipping and Return Policy for full details)
Customer feedback is very important to us….our steady efforts to upgrade our table designs allow us to fit more and more sewing machines.

We love hearing what you like about our tables, and we especially need to know if there’s a problem. Because of steady customer feedback we now offer four different tables. Our new Sew AdjusTable will adjust to fit a wide range of freearm lengths and heights allowing it to work with virtually any machine..
You will discover… that our Sewing Extension tables are unique in versatility and quality, they aren’t available in stores because selling directly to our customers allows us to keep our prices affordable and gives us the added advantage of dealing personally with each customer. Most orders are shipped within 3-5 days of payment. If you need your table by a certain date please let us know so we can arrange to have it there in time. Email us if you have questions concerning your order.

Once you’ve experienced the steady support of sewing with a Sew AdjusTable ® sewing machine extension table, you will want to use it for all your quilting, embroidery, and sewing projects. Whether at home or at class, it is the accessory you won’t want to be without.

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Circle and Seam Wizard The Circle and Seam Wizard takes the guess work out of sewing that elusive perfect circle. Plus gives a seam guide of any width up to the length of the throat of your particular brand and model of sewing machine. And it is seam guide from...

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Grip Its for Free Motion Quilting

The Perfect Free Motion Quilting Tool eliminates stress on the hands and body

2 x Grip Its (1 Pair) are included with this purchase

  • No More Gloves
  • No More Sweaty Hands
  • No More Shoulder Stress
  • No More Cramped Fingers
  • No More Back Ache

Intuitive and very easy to use

Watch the video's below to see just how easy they are to use


Large Sewing Extension Table by Sew AdjusTable ®

This Full Size 24" x 24"  (61cm x 61cm) sewing extension table is ideal for free-motion quilting and large sewing projects this table gives you the most advantage of a large flat area to sew on.  With the added bonus of the Sew AdjusTable ® fitting all your Portable Sewing Machines including your overlocker.


Please see Video's below and view the FAQ Tab for more information



Medium Sewing Extension Table by Sew AdjusTable ®

This Medium size Universal Sewing Extension Table 18" x 24" (45.7cm x 61cm) - Space Saver will give you the full size width for big projects but requires less depth on your work table. Popular for all sewing projects this table is great for home or travel.  With the added bonus of fitting all your Portable Sewing Machines and Overlockers.


Please See our FAQ Information and Video's Below



This Universal 16" x 16" (40.65cm x 40.65cm) compact, great for home or travel this table is convenient to move around and spacious enough for most sewing projects.

Please See Video's and FAQ's Below

If you wish to purchase this product on our Lay-By system, please see our Lay-By information here


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Mini-Mate 12" x 11", Great for mending, small sewing projects and small spaces, the L-shaped 12x11 table has height adjustable legs to fit your machine or serger and provides a smooth flat surface to support your hands and fabric while sewing. Sturdy non-skid, non-scratch legs won't...

Initial Lay-By Deposit Only - Your Lay-By Balance will be $125 (Including Postage) with up to 12 months to pay Total Price $ 143.00 ** See Lay-By Terms and Conditions for further information. Mini-Mate 12" x 11", Great for mending,...

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The Feather MATE is a portable travel-size table made to fit Featherweight and (wide-bed) vintage sewing machines. Overall dimensions of the table-top are 12" x 18". The cut out which surrounds the machine is 10" in front (left to right) and 7" deep (front to back). Sitting...

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Initial Lay-By Deposit Only - Your Lay-By Balance will be $165.00 (including Postage) with up to 12 months to pay Total Price $180.00 (Including Postage) ** See Lay-By Terms and Conditions for further information. The Feather MATE is a portable...


The NEW Surround 16 allows you to easily fit any of your sewing machines into the opening of a sewing cabinet and bridge the gap between your machine and cabinet for a smooth flat sewing surface.


The new Outrigger goes just where you need it to give you a flat level surface beside your machine, or use it beside your current extension table to expand your sewing area. The Outrigger is free standing and does not have a cut-out to fit around a sewing machine so it can be used...