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Lay-By - How To

Sewing Buddies Australia Welcomes Lay-By

How To Purchase a Product on Lay-By

How to make future payments

Lay-By Terms and Conditions

Purchasing a product on Lay-By is easy please follow the simple steps below

  • Most Single products or bundled products over the price of $100.00 are eligible for Lay-By.
  • Products that are eligible, will have a Lay-By Option at Checkout at -85% in price (Intital Deposit 15%). Shipping will be added to the product at checkout. Your initial payment will be 15% of the total cost plus the shipping cost for that product.
  • Create and Account (optional) in our online store, then purchase the desired Lay-By item. **If you create an account it means when you make future payments, your account details will automatically be sent with your ongoing payments. If you do not create an account, you will have to advise us of your name and address with each future payment.
  • The purchase and receipt will be received by us, and your Lay-By will be established.
  • We will email you letting you know the Lay-By has been received and a statement of account, outlining your purchase and deposit paid and balance owing. We will also include a copy of our Lay-By Policy with this initial email for your reference.

Making future Lay-By payments is easy please follow the simple steps below.

  • Log into your store account (if you did not create an account with your Lay-By purchase, please provide your Name and Address with each Payment)
  • Future payments are made from our online store, in the "Lay-By Payments" Category.
  • The Lay-By category consists of "products" in actual currency amounts i.e. $5, $10, $15, $20, $25 and $50
  • You choose how much you wish to pay. For Example : - If you wanted to pay $25, you would simply purchase the $25 Lay-By Product. But if you wanted to pay $75 you would then purchase the $25 product and the $50 product and check out as you would normally make any purchase.
  • After each payment is made, we will email you within 7 days an updated statement of account, showing the initial purchase and deposit, less any Lay-By payments you have made to date.

Purchases will NOT be shipped until the Lay-By is completed in Full

Terms and Conditions:

  • This is a Lay-By, your goods WILL NOT be dispatched until the Lay-By has been paid in full.
  • A Lay-By Payment is to be made at least once a month, with the Lay-By finalised within 12 months. If you are unable to make a payment please contact us and let us know. Overdue emails are sent out if a payment has not been received on time, if you let us know, we will not send an overdue email.
  • Your Lay-By will not be cancelled by Sewing Buddies Australia unless you fail to make 3 consecutive payments, and have not contacted us. Or if any unforeseen circumstance beyond our control occurs.
  • The Lay-By may be cancelled by you at any time until the Lay-By is finalised. If the Lay-By has been finalised, and the goods have been dispatched, and you wish to return the items, it would come under our "Returned Policy"
  • Refund of monies paid - If you cancel or Sewing Buddies Australia cancel your Lay-By, a full refund of any monies already paid towards your purchase, including the initial deposit, will be refunded. Less a small administration fee of $15 or the amount already paid, which-ever is the lesser amount. (If you have paid AU$100 when cancellation occurs, your refund would be AU$85). If the cancellation is made by us (Sewing Buddies Australia) due to circumstances beyond our control, a full refund will be made, No administration fee will be incurred.
  • Why do we charge a $15 fee for cancellation? Whenever a payment is made through a 3rd party, i.e. PayPal, they charge us (Sewing Buddies Australia) a commission on that money, there are also administration costs involved with setting up your Lay-By. Those costs are carried by Sewing Buddies Australia on each sale as a reduced profit margin, but when a Lay-By is cancelled and the amount of money received is refunded, the Company (Sewing Buddies Australia) is actually out of pocket for those expenses. The small $15 fee is required to recoup some of the costs already incurred.
  • The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has outlined what is expected from a Lay-By agreement, if you would like to view the outline set down please visit the following link. Australian Government ACCC Link
  • A copy of these terms and conditions, will be emailed and or posted to anyone using our Lay-By payment plan.
  • Sewing Buddies Australia reserves the right to amend this policy at any time.
  • Sewing Buddies Australia will contact registered users by email or shall post a notice of changes in its Site, when and if the terms of this policy are amended.