Brights 10 Colour Set 1 Rasant Thread 1000M

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Brights 1 Set Rasant


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Purchase 1 or more of our 10 Pre-selected sets, and any individual Rasant 1000M cobs you purchase, the price will automatically drop to $5.65 per cob in your shopping cart. Choose as many colour/s as you like.

Brights 10 Colour Set 1 Rasant Thread 1000M   


Brights 10 Colour Set 1 Rasant Thread 1000M

This set is 10 pre-selected Bright Colours, suitable for all your sewing requirements

Rasant is one of the world’s best known and most popular brands of sewing thread.

As a poly core cotton, it has the look and feel of traditional threads with the flexibility of a blended fibre. It is especially beloved by machine quilters, as it works well in a variety of different projects and applications. Rasant thread is incredibly convenient to work with as it breaks less often when using a long arm machine.

Made in Germany by the Amann Group, Rasant Thread is famous for its consistency, durability and tensile strength and is suitable for a wide range of machines.

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