Jelly Roll aka Bali Pop and Rainbow Patterns

While attending the craft shows across Australia, I am often asked “what do you do with a Jelly Roll, Bali Pop or Rainbow”, and I am always asked for easy but beautiful beginner quilting patterns.  So I have combined both requests, and created a series of patterns that are specifically made for Jelly Roll aka Bali Pop and Rainbow Patterns for the beginner.

Don’t be fooled these patterns are beautiful, and do not look like a beginners pattern, they also have the added bonus of being quick, so if you need to create your quilt top in less than a day, then these are the patterns for you.  Combine the ease of construction with pre-cut 2 1/2 inch fabric strips a.k.a.  a Jelly Roll or Rainbow or Bali Pop, already colour co-ordinated, and  you have instant success.

Judy Niemeyer ~ Quiltworx, Cindy McCracken Designs, Aunties Two Patterns also have some beautiful Jelly Roll aka Bali Pop and Rainbow Patterns

Scroll through the carousel for a sample of our Jelly Roll aka Bali Pop and Rainbow Patterns

The name Jelly Roll seems to have become universal for pre-cut 2 1/2 inch fabric strips, but they are also branded in numerous name, and although the name is different, the content is very much the same, 40 strips of fabric 2 1/2 inches wide by the WOF.

“Jelly Roll” is the brand name of Moda Fabrics, and contain all Moda Fabrics,

“Bali Pop” is the brand name of Hoffman Batik Fabrics and usually contain 40 different colours of batik fabric

“Rainbow” is the branded name of Victorian Textiles and usually contains 20 different fabrics (2 of each colour) and can be a mixture of Hoffman Batiks, Hoffman Fabrics, Stoff Fabrics and Kokka Fabrics

What they all have in common is the size Every packet contains 40, 2 1/2 Inch strips x WOF Strips  approximate total fabric  yield is 2 3/4 + Yards or (2.45 Mtrs) and all are 100% cotton and beautiful to work with

Currently there are 3 patterns in the Buddies 2 1/2 inch strip pattern range, and more will be added regularly, we  also offer the quilts in kit form, containing the pattern, fabric for the borders and bindings and the triangle inserts if you choose a set-on-point kit.

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All of these patterns and kits are available at the Craft and Quilt shows we attend across Australia for Show dates please visit our Show Schedule