Jelly Roll aka Bali Pop and Rainbow Patterns

Jelly Roll aka Bali Pop and Rainbow Patterns While attending the craft shows across Australia, I am often asked "what do you do with a Jelly Roll, Bali Pop or Rainbow", and I am always asked for easy but beautiful beginner quilting patterns.  So I have combined both requests, and created a series of patterns [...]

Quilt Smarter with Quiltsmart

  - Quilt Smarter with Quiltsmart ! I used to query if using a Quiltsmart pattern, was actually doing "real" quilting. I have come to the conclusion, of course it is, it is just progress, or in the case of the double wedding ring regression to an earlier time.   (The double wedding ring was actually [...]

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Dog Park McKenna Ryan

The Long awaited Dog Park McKenna Ryan is now available Dog Park by McKenna Ryan, would have to be the most anticipated pattern release in a long time, the queries and "when will it be here" have been amazing. Although you have to admit it is extremely cute, and a must have for our [...]

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