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Quilting Terminology, and how to make sense of it

Sewing Machine Feet for Free Motion Quilting

Sewing Machine Feet for Free Motion Quilting There are 3 types of Sewing Machine Feet for Free Motion Quilting that are most commonly referred to and used. Is a Walking Foot and whilst technically is not "Free Motion" it is an excellent tool for quilting and great for beginners to get the feel of sandwiching your [...]

Quilting and Patchwork Templates

What are Quilting and Patchwork Templates Quilting and Patchwork Templates provide an accurate way of cutting your designer quilt blocks or your applique pieces.  They make sure that each piece cut is exactly the same size and will fit together perfectly when sewn. Quilting and Patchwork templates can be made out of *paper, *cardboard, acrylic, plastic [...]

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Reading Patterns

Reading Patterns Quilting and Sewing Tip: Before you do anything, Reading Patterns and Instructions for either our Quilting or Sewing projects can go a long way to making  sure you understand them. If you have any doubts, clear them before purchasing fabric or beginning to cut. Google is a great resource for terminology and techniques, and [...]